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Black Market Creatives Showcase

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

This write-up was originally published on Dec 2, 2016 at

Big things are happening in Washington, DC right now, especially for the millennials. In a time where majority of us are working jobs that have nothing to do with our obtained degrees, finding our own lane in the world is the most rewarding route to take when it comes to establishing yourself. You get to call the shots while figuring out what works for you, not only as a person, but as a brand. Gabriel Massalley, owner and founder of Status Apparel DC, an urban clothing line geared towards anyone who’s “got status,” has been making his mark on the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area while building his brand and starting a generational movement.

Slowly but surely “Got status?” is becoming a question that unifies people to not only embrace what the brand represents, but brings together like-minded business owners who are seeking opportunities to flourish.

Artist, designers and guests mingling at the Black Market Artist Showcase

With that in mind, Mr. Massalley fostered the idea for the Black Market Creatives Showcase, held strategically on Small Business Saturday, where black business owners were able to show the hard work they have been putting in for friends, family and supporters. Held at the Adinkra Cultural Arts Studio in Mt. Rainier, and with the help of co-sponsors, Starving Artist Supply and EAT, the event went on without a hitch. Guests were able to come out and support a host of ten artists and designers while vibing to the musical talents of Broad Day J on the 1’s and 2’s. Adding fuel to the events brightly burning fire were specialty drinks made by Sexy Cocktails Mobile Bar. People pulled out all the stops, showing up in the vendors’ clothing and accessories while getting the word out on social media that the Black Market Artist Showcase was the place to be.

On Snapchat, the two geotags created for the event garnered a rewarding 12k views with almost 200 users. Being there and filling up on good vibes was extremely euphoric.

These young and talented business owners are on to something. It was great to see a space created for black entrepreneurs to sell their product, network with one another and be a part of something bigger than them alone. Growth and wealth is the ultimate outcome, and if you missed this event, you certainly will not want to miss the next one. Make sure you check out the list of vendors and follow them on social media for all updates on their brands. Big thanks to all attendees and the Adinkra Cultural Arts Studio for hosting the event! Please subscribe to the Status Apparel DC newsletter at the bottom of the page and be the first to know about product launches and events.





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