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Setting Up Your Small Business for Long-Term, Post-Pandemic Success

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Setting Up Your Small Business for Long-Term, Post-Pandemic Success

The past year was the most challenging year that countless small businesses will ever face. And unfortunately, many didn’t survive it. However, if your small business is still operating, there are things you can do to help it outlast the rest of the pandemic and thrive in the future.

From revisiting your budget to taking advantage of the web, the Black Market Creatives Showcase offers a few tips for setting your business up for long-term, post-pandemic success.

Get your finances in order.

Having money and using it properly is essential when it comes to keeping your business afloat. And in these times, that means that you will probably need to revisit your budget so that you can see where you need to make adjustments. For example, are there print marketing materials that you could cut back on and replace with more cost-effective online marketing? Can you allow some of your employees to work from home so that you can move to a smaller office space?

If you need funding to help you achieve your goals, there are many options available to small businesses. While taking out a loan is always an option, Bench notes there are a variety of grants you may be eligible for that don’t need to be paid back.

Take care of your team.

The last year has taken a toll not just on small business owners, but also their employees. That’s why it’s perhaps more important than ever to make sure you’re treating your team well. After all, happy staff members will be more passionate about the work they do, which will only help your bottom line.

One way to accomplish this is to update your payroll platform to ensure your payment process and schedule stays organized, which means your employees will be confident their paychecks will always be paid on time. Look to accounting software like QuickBooks, which makes life easier with features that allow you to track and monitor expenses and inventory, automatically scheduling payroll, and keep your finger on the pulse of your business finances.

In addition, think about ways you can support your staff’s work-life balance. The Undercover Recruiter notes that encouraging employees to take their paid time off, offering flexible scheduling and work-from-home options, and simply asking your team how you can better support them are great ways to promote balance.

Invest in your website.

Making moves online is critical to thriving now and in the future, and that starts with your website. Many of your online marketing strategies will ultimately send customers to your business website, and if you open an ecommerce store, you may want people to use your website for that as well.

Work with professionals to make any necessary upgrades so that your website provides customers with the information they need and so that it’s attractive, fast, and easy to use. You may also want to install a chatbot for round-the-clock service or hire a call center for a personalized approach. Consider what makes sense for your business and your audience.

Shape up your shop.

As folks continue to venture out again, you will want to enhance the customer experience as much as you can so that your local customers keep coming back. Make sure your store has great curb appeal, whether that means tending to the landscaping, replacing the signage, or painting the storefront. And don’t overlook more subtle maintenance that makes a huge difference, like cleaning floors and windows. Finding a reliable pro is simple and straightforward: just Google “window cleaner near me” for example, and read customer reviews on as the first step before contacting companies.

Customers will be especially sensitive to dated or worn-looking places that come across as unclean. Make any necessary improvements to the business’s interior, such as painting the walls, reorganizing retail displays, and putting in new floors. And come up with incentives to draw people into your store, such as in-store discounts and promotions, curbside pickup, and exclusive product releases.

Boost your online marketing efforts.

The web offers marketing solutions that can prove more effective and less expensive than traditional print marketing. Boost your business’s presence on social media by making regular posts and engaging with followers. Learn how to use email marketing in a tasteful and effective way. And of course, make sure all of your online marketing content leads the audience to your website.

As long as you’re willing to make the necessary adjustments, you can continue to grow your business, even as difficult times persist. Remember to take a close look at your budget and consider all of your funding options. Also, keep your employees happy, invest in improvements for your physical location, upgrade your website, and harness the power of online marketing. Implementing these tips will help you to navigate the pandemic and come out stronger than ever.

The Black Market Creatives Showcase celebrates the work, products and services offered and produced by Black creatives and entrepreneurs. Check out the annual marketplace and digital directory today!

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