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Get Status Apparel DC to 30 Google Reviews Giveaway! (GIVEAWAY CLOSED 12/28/23)

Updated: Jan 27

UPDATE: WE DID IT! WITH YOUR HELP, thank you to everyone who participated and everyone who has supported the journey throughout the years Appreciate the support and help! More reviews on our profile helps us to gain better visibility. Check out our video announcement for our winners! WINNERS WILL BE EMAILED, CHECK EMAIL! If you have a second we’d love for you to write a review for us. Check out our GOOGLE PROFILE here.

We are hoping to expand our audience with the help of our supporters. WE WILL BE DOING ONE GIVEAWAY WITH TWO PRIZES, EACH winner will win one of our classic Status Apparel DC Hoodies or Crew Necks, depending on their choice and also a pair of socks.

The drawing will happen when we reach our goal of 30 Google reviews (we currently have 22, leave a review on our profile at The winners will be selected randomly through an automated name picker and the winner will be announced shortly after the goal is met!

Help us expand our audience, to enter the drawings swipe to read our instructions! Twice the chances to win if you follow the rules, let’s have some fun and build with this. As always WE APPRECIATE THE CONTINUED SUPPORT!!!!

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